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Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure - Ideal for Sufferers Who Need to Avoid Drug Medications

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Home remedies for high blood pressure plays a significant role if a person’s health condition is one that renders him or her ineligible for drug medication. One such condition is that of being pregnant. We are all aware that pregnant women are not supposed to ingest drug medications to avoid affecting the baby she carries in her womb.

The availability of home cures as alternative to conventional medicines can effectively address the hypertension dilemma of a pregnant or lactating mother. There are a number of these alternative medicines to choose from without need to expose the developing baby to the harshness of drug medications and its side effects. A closer look at some them can help us understand their properties as to how they can effectively control high blood pressure:

1. Garlic. This is often used as spice especially for oriental dishes but can be versatile since it can effectively act against the hardening of arteries. Constricted or hardened arteries make it difficult for the blood pressure or systolic to surge forward and distribute blood to the blood vessel recipients.

2. Watermelon seeds. Eaten either as dry or roasted, the contents of these seeds were found to have a positive effect in the blood vessels by relaxing or dilating them as good receptacles during blood circulation.

3. Brown rice. The abundance of calcium in brown rice makes it a good source for providing balance in the vitamin and mineral contents of the blood cells. Sufficient calcium promotes a relaxed nervous system to maintain a normal blood pressure level.

4. Parsley. The various elements present in parsley are good for the maintenance of suitable blood vessels and passageways especially the capillaries. The readiness to absorb and take in the blood flow during circulation makes it easy for the blood to surge forward and reach other parts of the body.

5. Fenugreek seeds. The seeds are rich in polysaccharide galactomannan that can aid a lot in the digestion process to promote proper metabolism of nutrients especially in sodium and potassium intakes and can prevent hypertension from taking place.

6. Potato. Rich in potassium that is usually needed as nutritional supplement especially for people who are hypertensive.

7. Grapefruit. Contains vitamin P that helps tone the arteries. Vitamin P are actually not vitamins in the strict sense of the word but are bioflavonoid substances that enhances the absorption of Vitmin C in the body to promote proper blood circulation.

8. Lemon. Its juice and rind are also good sources of vitamin P or bioflavonoid substances that can prevent the capillary from being fragile and provide better passageways for blood circulation.

There are more home remedies available including basil leaves, fennel seeds, onion with honey, cayenne pepper mixed in one-half cup of lukewarm water, Indian gooseberry, and Spiegel seeds. Even a mere walk on green grass or soaking your legs in hot water for about fifteen minutes at the average are recommended home remedies for high blood pressure since they tend to promote proper blood circulation.

Nevertheless, in spite of their proven effectiveness, these treatments should also be referred to your doctor for proper consultation to ensure that your high blood pressure is placed under control with the right the medication.


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