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Infertility treatment - Medical Treatment vs. Natural

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Many people question what infertility treatments are all about - Medical Treatment vs. Natural, which is the best? For the couple wanting to get pregnant it is a very emotional and difficult time. This will provide an overview of medical and natural treatments.
Infertility can be a result of many different factors which affect both the man and the woman in successful conception. This is the reason both need to undertake infertility treatment. There are many known reasons that cause infertility in women. Known reasons consist of diseases such as endometriosis, diminished ovarian reserve, ovulation disorders, and low progesterone level. Then to complicate matters there are unknown reasons.  Known reasons for men include, low sperm count and low sperm motility, STD, injury or chronic diseases, sperm blockage and aging.

Medical treatments to have a baby can be costly. Many of the know causes can be treated with a scheduled drug regime of medications and systematic treatment. The exceptions would be aging and chronic diseases. These treatments can have potential negative side effects which would require additional treatments to address the side effects.
If the above procedures do not result in conception there are additional treatments available. Additional fertility treatments include IVF or In Vitro Fertilization and ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. These treatments are well known and costly. This is not a natural process as it involve fertilizing the eggs in a laboratory environment. The procedure requires the eggs to be removed from the ovary. Then the egg is fertilized in a fluid medium with the sperm outside the uterus. The fertilized eggs are then placed in the uterus.
In the traditional method, the healthiest sperm will win out over the others to fertilize the egg in a natural selection process. In the artificial process, the embryologist will make the decision based on their observations. Should they fail to pick the healthiest sperm and egg, the baby may suffer from ill health at birth and perhaps even later in life. There is also a risk of miscarriage.
The natural holistic approach is becoming more popular as a method of conception. People prefer these techniques because there are less or no side effects.
In the holistic approach, diet and lifestyle are very of important. Many people do not realize that conception can be effected by items that contain caffeine such as coffee, chocolate, cocoa, green tea (containing caffeine), black tea and colored soft drinks. Studies have shown that, one and a half cups of coffee will delay conception for a woman who is working to become pregnant. It is strongly recommended that coffee be eliminated for the woman trying to become pregnant.  The same can be said for a diet including fish contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB). Studies have shown that this too will result in the reduced ability to become pregnant.
Chinese medicines, acupuncture and of course, the holistic approach have demonstrated the greatest results for the treatment of infertility. The holistic approach is all encompassing and seeks to uncover the core issues. At that point treatment delivers comprehensive physical, spiritual and emotional treatment. A whole mind and body approach, not just an investigation of the organs. The holistic approach offers a natural remedy and a way of life that can solve the problem as soon as the underlying cause is uncovered.
In the artificial approaches above no significant consideration is given to the whole mind and body therefore may not uncover the real underlying cause of infertility.
As an example, the acupuncture method, especially ear acupuncture or Auricular is extremely effective where female infertility has been caused by a failure of the ovary. In this technique a valuable hormonal message is communicated from brain to ovary. Investigative trials have demonstrated that the women who have received acupuncture treatment for approximately 30 times within a 3 month timeframe have shown excellent results. The females who underwent hormonal therapy along with it suffered from side effects.
All prospective parents look forward to the birth of their baby as being a joyful and happy experience. Nature always has a way of working the best. Investigating cost efffective holistic approaches before your experimentation with costly clinical procedures seems to make sense.
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